The Hip Satchel and Hipster Culture

When it comes to hipster culture and hipster style, the hip satchel is definitely one of the top items that a classic hipster would have. But before we dive into this connection let’s understand first what hipster is and that will help us define what hipster culture is. So…

Who is a Hipster?

Well, there many other ways to describe hipster: Nonconformists, progressives. promoters of social change, Intelligent conversationalists, matcha loving millennials etc These are all descriptions of the hipster subculture, which is mostly comprised of 20 to 30-year-olds. They are highly-educated and socio-politically informed millennials, who grew up in middle to upper-class families and live in urban areas. Many have gone to college and graduated with a degree in the liberal arts which they can’t make any money from. But sarcasm aside, hipster does comprise of 20 to 30-year-olds who try to be trendsetters in their own way and are courageous enough to set their own path in terms of culture, lifestyle and political and social stance all while drinking a soy latte. Ok, it’s hard to write about hipsters and hipster culture without being a little sarcastic but if it helps, I’m quite the hipster myself.

Hipsters typically listen to indie rock and alternative music, have politically liberal stances, buy organic foods and products, and protest popular, highly-commercialized clothing brands by shopping at thrift stores (but then they drive the prices up). Hipsters pride themselves on their up-to-date knowledge of social issues, intelligence, creativity, and appreciation of art, music, and food. The hipster subculture has roots all the way back to the 1940s.

The hipster lifestyle is fertile ground for alternative businesses, and most manage to hold on to their start-up ideals while embracing the fundamentals of the free-market economy. “I like nice things, I like being able to have a nice life, it’s not taboo” Hipsters spend twice as much on a t-shirt because it’s fair trade but ignore the fact that they live in a gentrified neighborhood. Hipsters want to travel to third world countries to do charity work but ignore the fact that there are school districts two miles from their hipster loft that can’t afford education materials for urban kids because of terrible funding. When it comes to socio-political issues, most hipsters tend to have a surface level knowledge and adapt their weakness just as they will any other trend. That being said, there are the ones that truly educate themselves, are actively involved and do actually succeed in making a change. All while posting a picture of their latte on IG. Millennials are great multitaskers.

In his book, The Flat White Economy, McWilliams sees the phenomenon of the hip young entrepreneur as a central element of the new world economy, whether it be in Shoreditch or Pigalle, Tel Aviv or Lisbon. The success of hipster style comes from the fact that “it isn’t associated with a logo, unlike the bling-bling 90s, and so it can be reproduced at all levels of fashion,” McWilliams says, giving the example of skinny jeans and lumberjack shirts, which are as easy to find at upscale designer shops as they are at a discount outlet. “You show that you’re ‘in’, not by buying something with a logo on it but by your ability to follow the rush for the latest eccentricity.” Except it’s a Vans of the Wall or Obey logo. So many rules. This quest for fine-tuned individuality has often been the subject of mockery in the cities where it occurs. In 2012, Berlin started organizing the Hipster Olympics, an event that pokes fun at hipster fashion with competitions such as the Cloth Bag Sack Race and the Horn-Rimmed Glasses Throw. ouch

Hip Satchel VS Backpack

Backpacks are practical, spacious and stylish and they have definitely become a creative accessory that can be a defining touch to a person’s look. It can be used to create contrast with an elegant outfit, as well as for complementing a more casual look all while being very handy and convenient. A hip satchel is not as convenient but convenience is the least of a hipster’s worry so long as they can look like a hipster and take that perfect hipster aesthetic Instagram photo. A hip satchel gives you both.

It’s hard to imagine a time without backpacks as the popularity of backpacks has gone beyond what it was. Gone are the days where backpacks were only thought of when one needed to go hiking or backpacking through the Grand Canyon. Backpacks are now an urban item, a fashion accessory, a lifestyle necessity and a fashion statement piece. And they can also be a hipster too if you style them right.The cultural convergence of backpacks comes not as a fad but as an item that’s here to stay. Many “lifestyle researchers” trace the origin of backpacks to certain brands but can one really tell? The popularity of backpacks continues to rise due to its constant appearance in popular culture and social media and the role it plays in the hipster world. Walk into any hipster cafe and you’re bound to find at least 3 ppl with backpacks. They are actually more popular than hip satchels but hip satchels are great too. Celebrities, movie and TV characters and even politicians all show up on our screens with backpacks while artists, indie musicians, barristers, banjo players and everyone in Brooklyn grace our IG explore pages with the hip satchel. Makes you think: would I appear this cool if I had a hip satchel too? Chances are yes you will.

Hipster culture is a commercial reality. And if the in-crowd are getting tired of it there is always a new generation willing to jump on and take over.