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We’re No Longer in Cleveland with These Infant Shoes

Caring for and protecting your baby’s feet should not be low on your priority list, in all truthfulness, make sure that you are checking them often. One of the objects that can become a focus are infant shoes.

ShoesInfant Shoes

When talking about infant shoes, there are those that are more for making sure baby’s feet stay warm and are just a step up from socks, and then there are more structured and somewhat confining shoes that many companies sell for no other reason than fashion. Several of these second types of shoes have been known to cause problems with the toes, feet, ankles and legs because there is little wiggle room within the shoe, some contain arches that can change the development of the foot, others can cut off some of the circulation.

Infant shoes should in all actuality be just a little more than a sock, which allows for complete freedom for the foot, still keeps the foot warm and can provide a little bit of a barrier when they begin to crawl.

BootiesInfant Shoes

Another category of shoes could be the bootie, which is a more decorative form of the footwear and can be both a functional thing or purely an accessory for the foot. I grew up with my grandma crocheting my first few sets by hand; bows and everything. It doesn’t take much of a search on Google or anywhere else to find a pattern for just about any size bootie, include adult size if you feel like you want to have matching ones.

These can be more than just the traditional looking booties that you probably don’t want to be caught sporting around. There are also companies that have specialized in making very unique and delicate booties for every type of situation from a christening to a day out at the park, so you aren’t on the hook for being a DIY specialist.

SocksInfant Shoes

Socks are the easiest to find, perhaps have the most variety and are cost effective for the amount of time they are used. An infant’s foot grows very quickly and must be watched over. Even something as simple as a sock could become too restrictive and small for the foot. It can be nice to have a bunch of socks to choose from, as well as easy to carry lots of backups in case they get chewed on, slobbered on or whatever new situation pops up.
Some socks are very helpful when your infant is not so small and starts venturing around the house. Many of them come with textured bottoms, which allow for better grip on the floor and a little more confidence navigating slick surfaces.

MoccasinsInfant Shoes

Moccasins are nothing new, but yet they are. They have made a comeback like never before because of their distinctiveness to most of the styles out there, plus the fact that most of them are made with natural materials, like leather, which allow the foot to breathe. This is also another infant item that moms have taken a lot of curiosity in and done on their own.

Unlike booties, there is almost more that can be done with creativity for a moccasin when it comes to type of leather, colors, paints, beads, fringe and so much more. Fortunately, you can make moccasins that can be for both boys and girls interchangeably. This can be important for parents who would love to have more than one child and may be trying to save money for those college years.

BarefootInfant Shoes

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this category. Depending on who you talk to, or what website you might be looking at, you will hear all levels of advice ranging from:

  • Never put any coverings on an infant’s foot
  • Only put a sock on at night
  • Put them on as needed

Everything in moderation is probably the best policy in this. During the winter months, it could be necessary that socks, or some sort of covering is utilized more, but during the summer, those same little feet need to breathe, sweat and feel the warm air around them.

Because you are the most in touch with your infant and are able to tell his or her needs better than anyone, go with your gut instinct. This can seem daunting, especially with the first baby, but you have lots of resources to turn to, advice that you can seek from your pediatrician, and maybe a mom or two that have some down-to-earth guidance.

When it comes to infant shoes, there are many options for you to choose from. If you feel adventurous or perhaps a bit board, try working on making your own infant shoes, because you could be sizing them up about every two months. Who knows, those same homemade creations could be passed down to the next generation and considered heirlooms somewhere down the road.

Any which way you travel, it is a path full of new hopes, journeys and one that you are crafting with your new and ever-growing family. Infant shoes are now a high priority but can be a fun one.